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Catering for your Special Day

We specialise in wild game and are masters in outdoor cooking! This allows us to not only serve you a delicious wedding breakfast, but do it in spectacular style, delivering mouth watering food and a theatrical experience. 


Our Game and Flames chefs are experienced in cooking wild meat over an open fire. However, they are also experienced chefs outside of this specialism. If you're looking for a traditional wedding breakfast, we will happily cater for this preferred style of reception. Plus, if your venue doesn't have a kitchen that will capacitate this, not to worry, we can hire and supply our own. We pride ourselves on our flexibility!


Take a look at our our example menu or the feasting table options; please note that these are only templates and we are more than happy to accommodate your ideas. Whether you are after your favourite meal or you simply want to talk through something new and exciting, we are here.

Cooking over the fire

It's not just the finished product that makes outdoor cooking so wonderful, it's the whole experience. From the natural heat, crackle and pop from the burning logs of the fire, the sumptuous vision of the food cooking over the flames to the appetising vision of the shared platters brought to the tables.

We use various methods of cooking over open fires:

- Fast searing using the plancha (griddle)

- Whole lamb/venison cooked over hot coals on our crucifix

- Slow cooking over the fire grill

- Cooking vegetables directly on the ash 

Although most of our inspiration comes from Argentina and the Asado style of cooking, we use techniques from other cultures. From Indian curries to Hungarian goulash or the good old American-style barbeque, we're able to provide a diverse menu to please all.


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