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Corporate & Events Catering

Catering for your event

We cater for all kinds of events and have built vast experience over the past few years. From the Black Deer Festival and The Game Fair to pop-up restaurants, workshops, stag parties and corporate catering, we've done it all! 

Our chefs are trained and experienced in outdoor and game meat cooking, so you can be sure that you're getting the best experience possible. The food is not only delicious, but adds to a theatrical experience, making your event one to remember.

Enquire today or take a look at some of our example menus to see if we're the perfect fit for your event.

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Cooking Workshops


Our cooking workshops are best for corporate team building events or birthday parties.

Here at Game and Flames HQ we want to give you the opportunity to learn the rewarding skill of 
producing a delicious feast from fur and feather to plate. This unique workshop is designed to give you the ultimate hands on experience with your food and help to give you an understanding of where your meat comes from. 

You could be cooking one or two of the following: Deer, Wood Pigeon, Pheasant, Rabbit, or Partridge

If this sounds like the perfect event set-up for you, get in touch and ask us anything you want to know! 


Stag Parties

Come join us for a truly wild and exciting experience at our hunters lodge in a beautiful estate outside Turnbridge wells, Kent. Here we will provide your ultimate Stag or hen party with everything you need for an awesome day. This is an immersive event which includes skinning & butchering deer followed by  a feast from the fire.



Camp fire building

Bacon and egg camp fire breakfast with coffee

Team games. 

Skinning and joint butchering a whole deer


Light taster lunch, cooked on the camp fire using freshly butchered meat


Breaking down the joints into minced, diced, roasting joints and steaks


Air rifle simulated hunting using animal pop down targets

(prizes for the highest scoring team)

Accommodates 8-15 people per booking.


Takes place from 10AM until 3.30PM


Where - Outside Tunbridge wells. Kent

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