Fresh ideas and exciting concepts bring Game and Flames to the forefront of outdoor cooking experiences. If you have a foodie inside you or you simply want to experience the full circle of hunting and cooking then look no further as Game & Flames will provide you with all the skills you need.

Born from passion and zesty ideas from Cai ap Bryn, an experienced hunter and passionate cook. Cai has travelled Europe and our own isles cooking and foraging in some exciting and remote places from Norway to Hungary cooking fantastic dishes such as Reindeer and Mouflon sheep. Cai has acquired some unique skills, which he is able to share to those who wish to experience something new.

G&F will be teaching you how to skin and prepare your quarry and cook on open fires. Once food is prepared you will then eat, drink and dine under majestic chestnut and oak trees.

Here in the UK we are blessed to have a great supply of wild food and game available. Throughout the year we will be doing courses using rabbit, pigeon, trout,  pheasant, partridge, duck,  deer (mainly fallow and roe), squirrel and even wild boar.

You could be making pigeon burritos or learning how to skin and butcher a whole deer carcass, processing the meat to take home to the table. We have lots to offer, just keep an eye out for our upcoming events!
Depending on the course you choose you may just want to cook and prepare or come along to one of our unique hunting experiences.

Our woodland base is situated just outside Hastings in East Sussex, an area steeped in hunting history and enriched with some of the best natural tasty treats around. Our woodland retreat is certainly a perfect location away from the hustle and bustle of town and city life to relax and release your inner hunter-gatherer.

Cai also appears regularly on Fieldsports Channel tv, the UK's biggest online hunting channel, Cai has numerous videos of hunting and cooking, some of these can be found in our “media” section.



Keep an eye out for our upcoming events and workshops 


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