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Game and flames story

Game and Flames was born in 2016. Company director Cai Ap Bryn is an experienced hunter, fisherman and chef. Cai has hunted and cooked all over Europe, picking up inspiration and creating Game and Flames. 

Quickly, Cai realised that there was a demand for wood-fired catering and developed a way of cooking to turn the traditional mundane form of wedding catering on its head. 

Behind Game and Flames is a team of very talented coordinators and chefs. From Deb Sweetman, our coordinator, to our chefs up and down the country. We are blessed to have the team we have!

Our Coordinators

Meet The Chefs

Chris & Flo-756.jpg

The Food

We are proud to have a great supply of wild food and game available in the UK. At our HQ we have our very own facility to process all game we have harvested ourselves. We have our own butchery and larder which enables us to provide the full field to fork philosophy when it comes to Venison.  

Our Base

We are situated just outside of Hastings and now run our workshops near Tunbridge wells. This area is steeped with hunting history and enriched with some of the best natural meat and game around. Our hunters lodge retreat is a perfect location away from the hustle and bustle of town and city life.

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