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This course can no longer be booked.

Deer Masterclass

An immersive and comprehensive course designed for enthusiasts

  • Ended
  • 180 British pounds
  • Kentfield estate, Offham, West Malling

Service Description

Participants will embark on a journey that begins with a woodfired breakfast to energize for the day's activities, followed by an brief exploration of deer management, covering all six species found in the UK. The highlight of the day includes a hands-on skinning tutorial and a full butchery lesson, providing invaluable skills and knowledge about handling deer carcasses effectively. The course culminates in a venison feast cooked over the fire, celebrating the bounty of the land and the skills learned throughout the day. Course Objectives: 1. Gain a basic understanding of deer management practices, including species identification, habitat, behavior, and conservation efforts. 2. Develop practical skills in skinning and butchery techniques, ensuring safe and efficient handling of deer carcasses. 3. Explore the culinary versatility of venison through a woodfired cooking experience, discovering traditional and contemporary cooking methods. 4. Foster a deeper appreciation for sustainable hunting practices and the connection between food, land, and wildlife. Course Outline: Morning Session: - Introduction and Welcome - Woodfired Breakfast: Energize for the day ahead with a delicious breakfast cooked over an open fire. - Deer Management Talk: A detailed presentation covering the six species of deer found in the UK, their habitats, behaviors, and the principles of sustainable deer management. Midday Session: - Skinning Tutorial: Hands-on guidance on the proper techniques for skinning a deer, emphasizing safety and efficiency. - Butchery Lesson: Step-by-step instruction on breaking down a deer carcass, including primal cuts and preparation tips for various venison cuts. Afternoon Session: - Preparation for the Feast: Participants will prepare venison cuts for cooking over the fire, applying learned butchery skills. - Venison Feast: Enjoy a communal meal, savoring the fruits of your labor as you dine on a variety of venison dishes cooked over the open flame. Participants will have the opportunity to take home venison that they have personally butchered during the course, allowing them to enjoy the fruits of their labor and share their culinary creations with friends and family. Requirements: - No prior experience necessary. - Participants must be willing to engage in hands-on activities and work in an outdoor setting.

Contact Details

+ 07428179125

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